Principle 1: I call it Get Yourself Together. 

What is it? It’s you taking control of your thoughts in a way that allows you to perform at optimal functioning as a cancer patient. 

So why is it important? If you are running around with a lot of bad thoughts in your head and you can’t get them out of your head and it really affects how you think and how you’re able to function, you’re not going to be a very good patient.

Being a patient, in my estimation, is an active participant role. It’s not something you sit back and let happen to you. I’ll use my own example of this…the survival rate for my type of cancer rate was 20% and instead of me thinking that over and over and taking that negative connotation with me everywhere I went, I appended something to it, to at least neutralize it or even turn it into a positive.

Every time I would think the survival rate for my cancer is only 20%, I would think well that may be true but I’m in an awesome hospital, with top experts, and I have a ton of people helping me. Or the survival rate for my cancer is 20%, but so what? I am a sample size of one and I am going to do everything I can to be in that 20% that survives. 

You’re going to have all these kinds of thoughts and certainly after you’re diagnosed every kind of thing you can imagine, the key is to turn that noise down so you can go into being the best patient you can be. 

For more on Principle 1 and the other 7 principles, grab a copy of my book, How To Be A Cancer Patient, on Amazon now!




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