Clean It Up

I think that being diagnosed with cancer and becoming a patient is a great time to look at your personal habits.  For me, I really didn’t make a ton of changes WHILE I was sick but I used the experience of being a patient as a motivator to start to seek better approaches for some […]

Chat GPT Advice for Cancer Patients – It’s Marginal

I decided to have Chat GPT (AI Platform) provide 10 pieces of advice for newly diagnosed cancer patients.  The results were about as I expected (see the full text below), general, non-specific and not particularly actionable.  That said, the results did touch on some of the more important points to cover – Stay Organized, Manage […]

Diagnosed With Cancer – OK, Its Now Your Personal Super Bowl

Another takeaway from my conversation with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt was the concept of treatingany cancer fight like your “personal Super Bowl”.Its genius.What do we mean by treating your cancer fight like your personal Super Bowl? It means thatyou have to be in the game and be at your best – just like every athlete who […]

The Conveyor Belt

I was lucky enough to spend time on the podcast of Dr. Michael Karlfeldt of the Karlfeldt Centerin Idaho. He is a big thinker and works tirelessly to bring innovative ideas and thinking to helpcancer patients. He had some really good insights that inspired me to write a few words. Seelink to Dr. Karlfeldt’s site […]

All Cancer Is The Same…To a Patient

I have a bone to pick with the medical community.  It seems that pretty much every cancer treatment center is touting the fact that “every cancer is unique” or “every cancer is different”.  Whatever my consternation about this messaging, the assertions are probably 100% correct – clinically. The problem is that this approach does not […]

The Abyss

There is a scene in the movie Wall Street where Hal Holbrook gives advice to Charlie Sheen right before he is arrested for insider trading – his life was changing forever and difficult times were ahead. Here was the advice: Man looks into the abyss, Sees nothing staring back at him. At that moment man […]

Katie Couric

I read about Katie Couric when she had discovered or been told that she had breast cancer. Her quote was that as soon as her doctor told her she felt sick and she thought the room started to spin. I can totally relate to that as I’m sure anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer […]

Stink Eye

Today’s story is about the worst case of stink eye I ever received from my wife. (Stink eye is when you say or do something that isn’t approved of by someone or somebody in the room or who is with you at the time.) So I had finished my chemo rounds and we were in […]

Stupid Robots

I was lying in bed one morning in the hospital and my morning pills came. The way that it worked was everyday there would be a series of bags all connected together with my name on it: the medicine, the pills in the bag, the whole nine yards. The nurse brings the pills in in […]

Going In

I wanted to relay a short story that illustrates one of our core principles. I call it get yourself together but it’s essentially gathering yourself and getting control of your thoughts so you’re in a position to be as good of a patient as you can be. It was the day after Christmas, I was […]